Project Details 

  • TRD-608, Project, is located in the Nilüfer, Bursa city which is a favorite for all. The project offers opens the doors of a happy life for you with its modern architecture. Strategic Location; It offers a peaceful life in the city with its proximity to transportation routes, public transportation, hospitals, bazaars, and shopping malls, it touches your life with its central location in Traveler. In the project built using first-class materials; By keeping quality at the forefront, usage areas are designed with maximum comfort. there is peace of mind that is always with you, with the project, which is constantly controlled by a 24/7 security system.

  • TRD-608 project is located in one of the best areas in Bursa with an amazing view of Uludağ mountain and the city. It’s very close to the center and the most important areas and around 300 m from the Metro station and all transportation. The complex is provided with full facilities and services and there are a lot of markets and shops and restaurants near it.

Project Distances 

  •  1  Hour from Bursa Yenişehir Airport.
  • 11 KM from the city center of Bursa.
  • 10 KM from Uludağ University.
  •  3  KM from Nilüfer Hospital. 
  • 21 KM  from Uludağ Mountain, a famous area for skiing in winter.
  • 18 KM from the Ferry port, which enables you to reach Istanbul within a period of 1 and a half hours.

Prices & Area Ranges 

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Why This Project

  • Ready to move apartments. 
  • It has vast living apartments. 
  • Provide with Smart Home System Apartments.  
  • Conforms to the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Surrounded by many schools, universities, hospitals, and a shopping mall.

About Nilüfer, Bursa

  • Nilüfer district in Bursa Region as per some researchers bears the traces of both Byzantine and Ottoman and the older periods in history.
  • In Nilüfer, There are ruins of churches, mosques, baths, fountains, monasteries, and castles in these regions together with historical remains and monument trees.
  • There are many historical structures scattered in different parts of Nilüfer. Bridges and baths from the Ottoman region and church ruins remained from various times. The history of the district goes back to the 6th century B.C.
  • Nilüfer comes first among the districts of Bursa in terms of the economical contribution it provides to Turkey.
  • Nilüfer provides employment opportunities to 80% of the Bursa population and derives great income for Turkey. The most important sectors within the district are textile, automotive, machine, spare parts, and related industry products.

    A Brief  Video Of Bursa City

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