The way to find the real value of the house you will get!

The way to find the real value of the house you will get!

You have chosen the house you want to buy, but is it the real value of the house, or do you pay more than the value? According to the news at you can understand whether the desired price is the right price with 2 different methods.

1- Determination of Monthly Rent Value

Determining the value of the house according to the rent value is the simplest but most realistic method. The price of any asset is calculated as the present value of the money that the asset will bring to its owner in the following years. If we take the rent value of the house as the money it gives to its owner, we can use the total rent amount (detailed below) to be taken in the coming years as a factor determining the value of the house by using certain multipliers. To put it more simply, the value of a house with high rent should be higher and the value of a house with low rent should be lower.

Turkey is calculated as the average cost of monthly rent of 214 overall in home values, the average of the multipliers 212 months in Istanbul. The story that these numbers tell us is this: if you consider your home as an investment (which, in our opinion, is the biggest investment decision many people make in their lives), the amount of money you make will be approximately 18 years. Of course, since we are a high inflation country, there will be an increase in rent in the meantime, but the rent increase is not an important factor for this calculation method.

One thing to be aware of here is that in high-value homes, these multipliers can increase considerably, which means that the return on investment can be extended. Rent multipliers can go up to 30 or even 40 years, especially when the value is worth millions.

2- Price Comparison with Houses in the Same Location

This method is generally the most commonly used, but is not sufficient by itself.

The location of a house is the most important factor determining its price. Not only the district, but also the neighborhood, even the street of the house can lead to significant differences. It is very important that you search the prices of other houses for sale in the same or similar location with the house you want to buy and compare with the house you will buy. In this way, you determine the average prices of the house’s counterparts. In order for this method to be healthy, the houses you compare with the houses you want to buy should have similar features.

The features we list below are those that generally add value to homes. When benchmarking, you should check whether these features are available both in your home and in the home where you will be benchmarking.

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